Honcho Poncho

IMG_3284 vivian poncho

Photos By: KJ Ward | Location: Creve Coeur Park, Missouri

Shoes: Calvin Klein | Pants: H&M | Poncho: (Original Not Available) Similar, T.J. Maxx  | Hat: H&M


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I just want to start by saying that some of my favorite pieces are in this post, so get excited. I wouldn’t do myself justice if I didn’t call out these shoes first. Guess what the name of this shoe is? I bet none of you are guessing. Fine, okay, I’ll tell you. VIVIAN. I can’t make this kind of stuff up, folks. Yes, the name of this shoe is Vivian! I originally saw this gorgeous Calvin Klein heel a few years ago while shopping at Dillard’s with my mom and instantly fell in love. I thought I could convince her to buy the $120 heel seeing as though my name was literally written on them. Obviously that didn’t work, shocker. A few years later when mommy dearest was feeling a bit more generous, she found them at Nordstrom Rack! It was totally meant to be and I had to have them! As I’m sure you assumed, the price dropped since the ‘Vivian’ style was now more than a few seasons old. They are no longer available at Dillard’s or Nordstrom Rack, but they are available at one of my favorite shoe sites 6pm, tagged above for only $40! You’re welcome.

Now, on to this fabulous poncho. For some reason, when I wear this I feel more confident – it could be because it commands attention. This post and poncho starts the official beginning of my Mashalls and T.J. Maxx obsession. Whenever I want something super trendy, they are always my go to because I know I can find it at a price I am comfortable with. With that being said, all T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s locations are not created equal. We all know that things come and go quickly depending on location, so acting fast is key. For my St. Louis readers, you’re in luck because they are right next to each other in Creve Coeur at Heritage Place. This poncho was only $30 compared to most stores at $50 up to $400.

As I am sure you have realized by now, I frequent H&M. If they offered black cards, I would definitely be a holder. At this point, almost anything leather is a staple for me (you will soon figure this out in future posts). I bought these pants a few years ago, but in good ol’ H&M fashion, they always have similar items each season. This hat, also from H&M, is simply amazing. When I wear it I feel like I’m channeling my inner American Horror Story – Coven. I do suggest trying on hats beforehand to figure out what style, size, and shape works best for your head and face. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL (really, when has it)!?

No matter what you wear, you should walk out of your house, apartment, condo, or wherever you live feeling confident. So much so that no one can tell you differently. As I say for most things in life – whatever you do, OWN it.


5 thoughts on “Honcho Poncho

  1. Amazing outfit! I had a poncho and could never figure out how to wear my shoulder bag with it. Suggestions?

  2. Hi Louise! That is great to hear! I would suggest wearing a clutch or smaller bag that can be handheld or carried on your wrist/lower arm. Since the poncho is very cumbersome and large, it would be difficult to wear any sort of bag on your shoulder or across your body. I hope this helps! 🙂

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