About Vivie


Hi! My name is Vivian Johnson from St. Louis, Missouri. I am just a simple gal sharing some of my favorite pieces and style choices. I am a huge fan of bargain hunting and shopping fabulous finds that don’t cost an arm and a leg. As young women trying to make it in the world, I believe we should invest more money in 401K’s and Roth IRA’s, instead of paying retail for our favorite finds. By no means am I a fashion expert, I just want to take the opportunity to share some of my favorite items. My outfits allow me the freedom to express myself and my personality on a daily basis. I hope my style inspires you with the same confidence I possess, no matter what color, shape, or size you are blessed to be.

All feed back is welcome and appreciated. Please don’t be shy when sharing your thoughts and opinions. Thank you so much for your support!

With love,


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