Blowing in the Wind

Pitaya Skirt white skirt chambray shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs watch Chambray shirt White skater skirt Nude heels Cherry Pick earrings Old Navy Pitaya Skater Skirt Delicious Shoes

Photos By: KJ Ward | Location: Des Peres Park, MO

Shoes: A’gaci (old) similar; A’gaci, A’gaci, A’gaci | Skirt: Pitaya | Shirt: Target | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelet: Cherry Pick | Earrings: Cherry Pick

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Pitaya always comes through for me when I need them to. I was seriously on the hunt for a white skater skirt and I looked EVERYWHERE! I literally mean, everywhere. I found a few, but most were out of my price range, so I wasn’t trying to make the purchase. One beautiful day, I get an email from Pitaya featuring their new arrivals and I saw a white skater skirt staring at me, I was ecstatic. I have to try pretty much everything on before I make purchases, so I went in the store, tried the purple version on (which is adorable) and bought the white one online. I cannot wait to wear this thing everywhere once the weather gets warmer! I keep trying to tell you folks, don’t give up hope when you’re on the hunt for something amazing (and read your emails). You would be surprised how happy small wins like this make me feel – elated of course .

Oh, happy day!



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