Bow in the Back

butterfly house wedding ready bows flowers Missouri butterfly house flats Faust Park Happy

Photos By: Mattie J | Location: Butterfly House

Dress: Francesca’s Collection (old) similar; Nordstrom Rack, Shoptiques, Dillards | Shoes: H&M | Purse: Francesca’s Collection (old) similar; Aldo, LuLu’s, LuLu’s | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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This dress is probably almost three years old or so, crazy right? I haven’t worn it since my friend Melissa’s wedding which honestly seemed like forever ago. I don’t know why I don’t wear it more often because it’s so cute and comfortable. My favorite part is the drop back and bow that extends to the bottom of the dress. I must say, this whole shopping from my closet thing is working out quite well.

I have a ton of fun trips coming up beginning this weekend ending with a wedding at the beginning of August! Be sure to follow along on my adventures via snapchat (viviankj) and Instagram!

Also – thank you to EVERYONE who participated in our $800 Visa card loop giveaway! We will announce the winner today.


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