Budgeting for Shopping

Zara Dress

Location: Dallas, Texas

Jumpsuit: Zara


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So before you get all confused and ask about this picture, let me explain. One thing that I’ve really learned about blogging is that it is important to be yourself 100% of the time.  I could’ve come up with some cute little photo that displayed shopping, but I didn’t want to. This photo is real life. Me shopping at my absolute favorite store Zara trying on outfits. Don’t worry, you will soon see this jumpsuit on the blog.

Anyways, before I shop online and in-store, I budget for it. I don’t do ‘shopping sprees’ and if I did, they are well planned and thought out. For starters, shopping is one of my last life priorities, it’s definitely an extra curricular activity. If you read my first #MMM post, you would’ve seen that I put money in savings accounts, my Roth IRA, stocks, and 401K right when my direct deposit hits. Next, I handle any bills or other financial obligations I may have that paycheck. What really helps me is my mint app in addition to keeping an excel spreadsheet tracking my income and expenses. If you don’t use mint, you are seriously losing on so many levels right now – get it together. I love using these two methods because it allows me to see what exactly I spend my money on and how to make adjustments if necessary. After my most important expenses are handled, I see how much extra spending money I have. Now, this is where a lot of people mess up. They think all of their extra spending money should go toward frivolous items like shopping. I save my extra money for unexpected purchases like toiletries, my dog Oliver, co pays, I mean the list goes on and on. So if I plan on doing any shopping, I pre-plan my budget and set aside a certain amount for that paycheck.

I think that when you have things you enjoy and like to do, sometimes you have to give up items or activities in order to sustain the specific lifestyle you want to live. Because I have a blog that requires me to buy clothes a few times a month, I have cut back on alcohol, eating out, and partying. It’s funny because not only were these things unhealthy anyways, but I have really saved a lot money.

All in all, it is totally possible to get the clothes you want while not breaking the bank. I don’t buy anything I can’t afford and I honestly try my hardest to plan ahead with everything I do so I am not hurting in the end. I hope you all found this beneficial! Please leave your questions and comments below!

Happy Money Making Monday!


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