California Love

I know it has taken me a few weeks to recap my California trip. BUT, that’s because I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases and could create a bomb video to go along with it (at the bottom of the post).

I’m all about being comfortable on flights but chic at the same time. Mainly because right when I land, we have places to be and people to see.


I am obsessed with this suitcase by the way. It is a Samsonite from T.J. Maxx and by the grace of God fits all of my stuff, because you know I have a lot of it.


When I fly, I HAVE to be by a window seat. If I am not, it’s not the end of the world. But, I love the views, I always have this sort of ‘take me away’ feeling. I get all deep in my thoughts and stuff.


The first thing Lauren and I did when I landed was go to her favorite coffee shop in San Diego called Better Buzz. This place was to dieeeeeeee and I am not a HUGE coffee person. I love the way coffee tastes, but I don’t depend on it for energy. It was so cute and quaint, everyone there was so friendly. Starbucks better watch out!

IMG_4220 Better Buzz Coffee Shop

After coffee, we went to Sunset Cliff around five minutes from her house and it was AMAZING! You don’t even understand. These photos honestly don’t even do it justice. If I could, I would go there every day. It was so gorgeous, the views were like nothing I’ve honestly ever seen before. The ocean is so blue, so serene, it was breathtaking honestly. Reasons why I chose this spot for my Cali recap video.

IMG_4151IMG_4225_2San Diego IMG_4187

After never wanting to leave the ocean, we went to downtown San Diego to an area called Little Italy. I must tell you, San Diego has some of the best food and drinks I’ve ever had in my entire life. I pretty much let Lauren choose everywhere we went because I wanted to see life from her point of view. This adorable little spot below called Queenstown Public House. One thing that I love about San Diego is how they cater almost everything to being outdoors. Being there with Lauren, experiencing her new city, traveling to a new place, the whole thing made me extremely happy. Almost on a natural high, it was beautiful.

IMG_4197 IMG_4207_2 IMG_4209_2

After lunch and a quick drink, we went to Ocean Beach known as ‘OB’ for some shopping and farmers market fun. We then headed home to freshen up and go to dinner! We went to one of Lauren’s and now my favorite spots called Bo Beau. These sprouts were the best thing ever! I should have taken a photo of our flatbread pizza because it was so unique and something I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself. I am so happy I went with what Lauren picked out, she is so good at this.

IMG_4222_2 IMG_4215_2

After dinner, we went to the most adorable bar called Polite Provisions for a drink. Everything was so natural, fresh, and herbal. AND, isn’t this floor amazing? Yes, the entire bathroom floor is covered in nickles. I originally said that I thought that was a waste of money, but I change my mind.

Polite Provisions

Sadly, I was only able to spend a day and a half or so in San Diego, so I wanted to cover all my bases before I left. I woke up early and went for a run around the harbor. That was AMAZING! If you’re from the midwest, you know the struggle is real when it comes to dealing with humidity. It was extremely refreshing being able to go on a long run, sweating, and not looking crazy afterwards.


I stopped for a second to catch up with some old friends in the park! Going to miss them dearly.


After my run, I went home to shower and grab my stuff, then we headed to a brunch place I wanted to try called Snooze. We had to wait a few minutes, so I figured why not take selfies in the mirror at Urban Outfitters next door.


Remember how I said in my #MMM travel post that being nice and talking to strangers works in your favor most times? I had a short convo with our hostess and it ended with us getting a free pancake, which was amazing! This was their blueberry pancake with pecans and custard, TO DIE!


This is their signature breakfast pot pie and it will change your life!


After brunch, Lauren’s roommate Hannah and I went to Pacific Beach (the locals call it ‘PB’). We went to a ton of cute little boutiques and shops which was really nice. Loved getting the opportunity to get to know her and spend time at the beach, it was wonderful. Sadly after that, Lauren and I were rushing to get to Oceanside to meet up with my friend Vaughn for a bit before my train came to wisp me away to LA.

Right when I got to LA, there was no time to do much of anything because it was pretty late. I grabbed some fast food (don’t judge), then Victor and I headed out with some friends. The next morning, my first and main priority was eating at the world-famous In-N-Out Burger. If you know me, you know that I LIVE for a good burger. My secret life goal is to eat as many burgers as I can in search for the best one. I must say, for a fast food joint, I was extremely impressed. I might just move to LA for this burger, that good.

In N Out Burger

After lunch, we went to the Fashion District in downtown LA. It was so busy and hectic, but awesome. Victor even took me to the American Apparel warehouse which was so cool. I found some cute high waist shorts which you will eventually see!

Fashion District

After walking and looking at numerous shops, Victor took me to meet with my friends Brittany and Kamesha. We then headed to Venice beach for some walking around and sight-seeing.

IMG_4292 IMG_4336

The next morning, we planned to hike up to the Hollywood sign but that didn’t happen. It’s still on my bucket list though, so it will get done, don’t you worry! We then opted to go to Melrose Avenue, which is what I had really been waiting on for my LA experience. Melrose is totally me and I didn’t want to leave. So many cute shops, thrift stores, and restaurants. Oh, and this green wall was pretty cool.


We decided to brunch at a place called Blu Jam Cafe. Before a good burger, I LOVE breakfast food. I eat breakfast every morning and when I don’t, I’m a crabby patty. This french toast below, changed my life. Not even joking. They are known for their crunchy french toast (battered in corn flakes) topped with fresh fruit and powdered sugar. They even had this light, french vanilla sauce on the side to drizzle over the top. I didn’t want it to end.

IMG_4384_2 Melrose Place

We were on Melrose pretty much all day and ended the afternoon at Victor’s for a Memorial Day BBQ, where I got to meet his closest family and friends. We decided to relax that evening since I was leaving the following afternoon.  I literally wanted to cry when boarding my flight (which I almost missed due to a gate change, thanks American)! I honestly can’t wait to go back to California, I felt like I belonged there and it was amazing. Until then, see you later Cali, I’ll love you forever.

IMG_4392_2 IMG_4397_2


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