Don’t Let The Rewards Fool You

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It’s time for another MONEY MAKING MONDAY, HUNNY! Yay! (Sorry for my over excitement)

Anyways, when I say don’t let the rewards fool you, I am talking credit cards. Flyer miles, cash back, reward points, gift cards, department stores, etc. I mean the list honestly goes on and on with the rewards. A lot of people get drawn in to apply to certain credit cards for the rewards. Especially when these slick sales associates are like, “Are you interested in opening a Macy’s card and saving an additional 25% off your total purchase today?” Man, I swear that got me the first time when I was younger because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Until I got home and my mom yelled at me and made it very clear that that was the end of that.

With that being said, I thought long and hard before ever applying for any credit or debit cards after that. It’s easy to think about all the discounts and money you could save by these cards but what it’s really doing is enabling you to continue spending unnecessary money. Yes, it is nice to have one or two perk cards, but one card for each of your favorite stores is insane (in my opinion, I am no Suze Orman or anything).

A good idea is to focus on what matters to you most when it comes to a credit card or reward card. I love traveling more than anything right now, so that’s what I focus on when it comes to card(s). I would prefer something that helps me work toward earning a flight or miles.

BUT, at the end of the day it’s your life, your rewards, your cards. Just trying to help 


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