Ending The Summer in Cancun

Cancun was definitely one of the best ways to end the summer, ever! I highly suggest everyone take a trip to Mexico no matter where it is.  I love planning trips and getting everything together for my friends and I.


Brittany and I both had the same flight and met up with Lauren on our transfer in Chicago. When we landed, we met up with Kelli and Jacqueline, then headed to our resort! Right when we arrived, our resort ME Cancun knew exactly what we needed.

ME Cancun

Tequila shots, obviously! As if that wasn’t enough, they upgraded both our rooms to suites so we could be right next to each other. The rooms were absolutely gorgeous, it really helped kick off the trip in the right way. My high school friends and I don’t travel together often, so we were really excited about what was to come for this trip.


We wasted absolutely no time changing into our bathing suits and heading down to the adults only pool. The majority of the resort is catered to adults, so we didn’t see many kids around which was nice. Not saying I don’t like kids, but it’s nice to relax in an adult’s only environment while on vacation.


As I’ve spoken about in previous blog posts, I love making new friends while on vacation. They always seem to make the trip better and more enjoyable. We met a bachelor party from New York which excited Jacqueline and I since I’m moving there shortly. We enjoyed the infinity pool, warm water, and serene environment, it was amazing. After spending time at the pool, we ate dinner at the buffet over drinks and nice conversation. You would think buffet style at an all-inclusive resort would be below par, but we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of food and overall service. The ME really knows what their doing when it comes to customer service and putting the customer first.


After dinner, Kelli and I went downstairs to the on site club with our new friends and enjoyed the night. We had such a great time!


The next morning, we went to yet another buffet and I must say it was delicious. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I was excited for the food options and mimosas.


After breakfast, we were invited on the bachelor boys’  yacht for a day party. Mainly excited because we booked a party boat but it fell through and got cancelled. This was better because it was with people we “knew” and it was obviously going to be a ton of fun!


Let’s be real, we all know I didn’t waste anytime taking as many photos as possible. I mean, when will I be in Cancun next? I had to take full advantage.

YachtI'm on a boat

We swam in the gorgeous water, got tons of sun, drank, and honestly had an amazing time. The boat was one of the best parts of the trip!


Look at that water!

On the boat

Bestie beach bums at their best  We got off the boat for around an hour to eat lunch at Playa Mujeres while on the boat.

Parkway North

After getting on the boat and heading back to our resort, we took a shower and got ready for dinner. We forgot to make a dinner reservation at one the restaurants, so we opted for the buffet once again which was delicious. The had different items every night, so the variety was greatly appreciated. Once again, our resort was amazing and helped us with tickets and transportation for a club downtown called Palazzo. We were only five minutes away from downtown Cancun which was nice. When we showed up, this establishment was like a well-oiled machine. Everyone had a job to do and they moved QUICK! We were promptly directed to our table which included all-inclusive drinks! We danced the night away and really enjoyed the neon light shows and performances.

The Palazzo


We woke up Sunday morning and did our routine breakfast with mimosas at the buffet. Our resort had a huge Labor Day weekend party at the pool! We honestly spent a lot of time meeting people, having fun, eating, and swimming. We even met another group of new friends who invited us to go jet skiing with them. I’ve never been before but it was a ton of fun. Of course I decide to go with someone who doesn’t know how to swim, so I was pretty nervous because I’ve never had to save anyone before. Luckily, we didn’t fall off, so overall it was a success!

Black SuitSorority PoseJacqueline Ratier

My best friend  Jacqueline thinks I’m a super model, so we took a ton of photos in this black bathing suit. Be ready for her and I collaborating when I move to New York! Yay!


After a long day at the beach and pool, we were honestly so exhausted. We went to dinner and passed out afterwards. We had every intention of ‘hitting the town’, but it didn’t happen. I had some of the best sleep of my life though, not going to lie.


After a long slumber,  a few of us woke up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise on the beach. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and am so glad we were able to make it happen!

Sunrise Cancun

After watching the sun rise, we went back to sleep for a bit. Woke up and guess what we did? Went to breakfast and had mimosas, I am sure you guessed it. We decided we would chill the whole day and hang out by the pool and beach. As if the ME hadn’t have been good enough to us, they upgraded us to the cabana suite’s on top of hooking us up with a free cabana by the pool! It was awesome and we were so grateful.


Since it was our last day, I wanted cliché vacation shots so I could post #SquadGoals on social media. I think they came out pretty nice!

Beach Life

The Me Cancun is honestly one of the best resorts I’ve ever stayed at. I highly suggest staying there if you’re ever in Cancun. They honestly took such great care of us, the service was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Melia Resorts Champagne Campaign Best Friends

After a nice long day at the beach, we went back and got changed for dinner. We made a reservation at the sushi restaurant and celebrated Brittany’s 25th birthday. We thought wearing all white for labor day was appropriate considering it was the last real day of summer.

All White Twins

Just giving you a heads up that this outfit will eventually be on the blog, so don’t be surprised when you see it again 

Double Trouble

Once dinner was over, we packed up our items and got some rest before our 6am flight Tuesday morning. Overall, I would say the trip was definitely a success! It was so nice catching up and seeing my hometown friends in paradise. I can’t wait until our next adventure!


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