Flirty in Floral

LuLu's Spring looks Spring 2015 Party dress Coctail Dress Cute Coctail Dress Nature

Photos By: Mattie J | Location: Creve Coeur

Dress: Lulu’s (old) similar; Nordstrom Rack, Missguided, Shoptiques | Shoes: Shoe Dazzle | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Earrings: Cherry Pick


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What’s crazy is that I’ve had this dress for over a year and have never worn it! You want to know why? Because, I’ve never had anywhere to wear it. I honestly don’t go to the ‘clubs’ anymore or any events that require cute, little, fitted, dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I love this dress – that’s why I bought it. However, after buying it, I promised myself that I would no longer buy anything unless it has a purpose. What I mean by that is that you shouldn’t buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. unless you know exactly, when, where, and how you will wear it. I spot cute items on the daily, but unless it has a purpose, Vivie will not buy. Not only does this keep me focused on what I really NEED, but it helps save money in the process, which is a beautiful thing. Oh, by the way. I finally figured out where I’m wearing this dress. In Atlanta for my friend’s birthday shenanigans at the end of the month, yay!


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