Green Suede Shoes

Pink Purse Hair Flip blue suede shoes Earrings Platform heels Blue Old Navy blue suede shoes chambray JeansBronx Diba Suede ShoesPhotos By: KJ Ward | Location: Des Peres Park, MO

Shoes: Bronx Diba (old) similar; Chinese Laundry | Jeans: Levi’s | Shirt: Old Navy | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Target (old) similar; Liz Palacios, Lucky, Lucky | Belt: Banana Republic (old) similar; Fossil

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 Get excited! Because this whole week is dedicated to the 1970’s! You probably think I am crazy and maybe I am. I have been super inspired by designers bringing the 70’s theme back into their spring and summer wear. I looked in my closet Friday night and wasn’t feeling inspired. Woke up Saturday morning, pulled out a dress then said, “I am doing a week in 70’s”! What’s crazy is that I didn’t go out and buy anything new, these are all items I already had in my closet. Isn’t that amazing?! I am calling this week: ‘VRD 70’s ReVival’. I call it this because I am putting a modern spin on 1970’s trends.

Today’s look will focus on these shoes. They are so 70’s and I love them. What’s crazy is that I bought these maybe three or so years ago. I absolutely love the color and thick heel. Though I bought these from Bronx Diba, I tagged a similar pair that are almost exactly the same just have an open toe. What I would also suggest (for those who live in STL and are interested) is stopping by Avalon Exchange in the Delmar Loop because they have shoes similar in style and in multiple colors.

I love holding on to gems like these because I know they will always be in style and I can find new ways of reinventing old items (this is where the whole reVival thing comes into play). Sometimes, it just takes going to sleep and waking up inspired in the morning.


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