Here Comes The Sun

printed top White pants Vivie's Retail Diary Vivian Johnson IMG_4824 Printed H&M top Express white pants

 Photos By: KJ Ward | Location: Des Peres Park, MO

 Pants: Express | Shoes: Shoe Dazzle | Top: H&M | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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Sorry that I’ve been MIA. I was in Dallas this past weekend with my bestie BGreat and time got away from me. Also, I am all about taking a break and taking a step away from the electronics while on vacation.

I think this is the first post I’ve made that literally all the items I’ve tagged are in stock. Therefore, if you’re feeling any of these, you better jump on them while they’re hot! The weather is starting to warm up, therefore, Vivie is in a great mood ALL. THE. TIME. (Not literally all the time because that’s impossible, but 90% of the time).

I am so obsessed with this outfit I can’t control my excitement! More specifically, I am obsessed with these pants. You will see them today, possible next week, and for the rest of the summer. They are extremely comfortable, work appropriate, and they’re white. I love wearing white. If I could wear white all spring and summer, I would. I actually might try (I probably won’t get very far, but I will give it my best attempt). And this shirt. My mom actually picked it out for me when shopping at H&M. I am obsessed with the back detail AND I can wear it to work. When shopping, I really like finding things that I can wear to the office because that’s where I spend most of my time.

Lastly, white wedges. I feel like white, nude, any sort of open toe wedge is an absolute staple for the spring and summer because they go with absolutely everything. Not only are these comfortable, but they are adorable. I am happy that they still have these in stock at Shoe Dazzle just in case I need to buy a second pair for this season .


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