FINALLY recapping my Atlanta trip from a few weeks ago! Sorry it took so long. As most of you know, I work full-time and we are in busy season (work first, play later). So, let’s get to it!


One of my close friends Amorkor turned 23 near the end of June, so she wanted to celebrate by taking a girls trip to Atlanta. Now, she’s a frequent Atlanta traveler, so this girl knows what she’s doing in this city. However, it was nice knowing she wanted to have different experiences this time since she was traveling with a different group of girls. Instead of booking a hotel, we decided to stay at an AirBnB. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a place where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay for days, weeks, or even months. Since booking through them, I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll never stay anywhere else. It’s the same cost if not less than a hotel and you get the full amenities of staying in a house. Besides the house being absolutely gorgeous, the best part was that there was room for everyone to spread out and be comfortable. One of my biggest pet peeves is five girl staying in one hotel room using one bathroom, it’s horrible. If it’s in my control, I won’t ever do that again. Here is a quick little view of the house we rented in Cabbagetown right outside of Downtown, Atlanta. It had a fountain, three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, upstairs attached balcony, outdoor space, I mean it was PERFECT!

air b&bcabbage town

But, enough about the house. Cabbagetown is absolutely amazing and the cutest little town I’ve ever seen. There were graffiti murals everywhere, I was totally obsessed. Especially considering it was literally around every corner we turned. Totally different scene than what I get here in St. Louis. That’s what I look for when I vacation, being able to experience a completely different environment than what I get on a daily basis. These are the main murals I got the change to photograph, they are breath-taking and extremely impressive.

cabbage town

This was one of my favorites, obviously.

graffiti cabbage town

After finally getting settled into our weekend home, we decided to get lunch. Another great thing I love about Cabbagetown is that so many activities are in walking distance. Yet another thing I don’t get living in the suburbs of St. Louis, I have to drive EVERYWHERE. Unless I want to randomly walk to the Taco Bell up the street from my house, but I don’t eat fast food, so that’s a bust. We walked to a place called Six Feet Under. Man was the food GREAT! I ordered the blackened shrimp, crawfish, catfish taco combo platter. As you can tell below, it was delicious. I love trying different things from different places, so it was really a treat. Also, we got to eat on their roof top balcony which was awesome.

cabbage town

After lunch, we walked home and got ready for the night. My best friend Brittany arrived a few hours later and we soon left for the Juicy J concert! The horrible part about snapchat is that you take so many photos on there, you either forget to save them down or take actual pictures using your camera – bummer. BUT, it was so amazing. The best part was that we were front row and I caught his towel, accidentally. I know that sounds like a lie, but it’s true. You can even ask Amorkor. After that, we went to a bars in Edgewood which I’m obsessed with. I love rap music, especially underground artists, so that’s one of my favorite parts about Atlanta – discovering new music. The vibes I got in Edgewood are like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Everyone was dancing, having a great time, and just overall enjoying life – that’s an amazing time in my book. After a night out and long walk back to our house, we decided to call it a night.


Friday was my favorite day of the entire trip by far. One thing that I love about my friend Amorkor is that she’s a planner, like me. When someone else invites me on a trip, I really try and go with the flow because it’s about them, not me. Some trips I’ve attended are more go with the flow and relaxed, which is really nice. But honestly, I really love a well thought out, jam-packed, busy trip, with tons of activities and new experiences. Amorkor did just that, that’s why I had such an amazing time.

She asked us ahead of time if we would be interested in climbing Stone Mountain. I honestly had never heard of it but it looked like something different and fun. Besides, anything outdoors and athletic, I will ALWAYS say yes to. Of course and in typical fashion, we were lost the first 30 minutes of being there, but we finally found our way. Crazy thing is that, I didn’t expect the mountain to literally be 100% stone, and it was (as seen below). It was probably one of the most difficult but fun things I’ve ever done in my entire life.

stone mountain stone mountain

Amorkor and I sweaty, with her fish eye camera lens, climbing up Stone Mountain.

stone mountain

The best most intense part of the mountain, I couldn’t capture because it was literally on a complete almost 180 degree incline (okay, it wasn’t literally 180 degree, but it sure as hell felt like it). If you fell, there was no one and nothing that could help you, because the entire mountain is rock. I consider myself to be pretty in shape and it was difficult for me to get up there. On top of that, there was massive elevation, hot temperatures, and humongous rocks to climb over.

stone mountain

But, reaching the top, was the best feeling EVER. The views were to die for. If I lived in Atlanta, I would be on this mountain every weekend. The trail we did was only a mile but it honestly felt like 5. To think we were considering doing the 5 mile course, that obviously wouldn’t have worked.

stone mountainStone Mountainstone mountain

After taking the lift down the mountain, we decided to get something to eat. We went to a Tapas bar called Twist in Buckhead. The food was amazing, once again. Below is a photo of the scallops I ordered, they were amazing and the sauce was awesome. The lighting in the restaurant was really dark so the other food photos weren’t that good. However, we all got different tapas and shared them, best idea ever.


After lunch, we went home to shower and get ready for our wine stroll in Tudor Square. What this consisted of was us going to different establishments in Tudor Square, shopping their stores or boutiques, and tasting different wines while looking around. It was very relaxing and definitely something different to do .

Tudor SquareBlack Dress

One thing I would suggest that I don’t think I do enough of is utilizing Eventbrite and Groupon. I use Groupon all the time, but not so much when traveling outside of St. Louis. Eventbrite is where we bought our tickets for the wine stroll and the pool party. Amorkor is the one who threw the ideas out there for these events and I am so happy she did. I will definitely use these for my next trips!

Wine Stroll

After the wine stroll, we went home to freshen up and get ready for a night out on the town. We had friends over at our place and got ready to head downtown.


It was a sad day because it was Brittany’s last day before she had to head back to Chicago. But a happy day for Amorkor because her friend Nicole was coming from St. Louis. We woke up with the intention of getting henna tattoos, but that ended up falling through. No fear, we still had a full day ahead, so we got coffee and went into a few thrift stores. You would be shocked to know that I didn’t buy anything the entire weekend besides a hand-made wire ring from a random man off the street. All of this occurred in an area called Little 5 Points. Once again, there was a ton of graffiti murals everywhere and I loved it!

Little 5 Points

After Little 5 Points, we got a quick bite at a pizza place, went back to the house to relax a little, then headed to the pool party.

We bought tickets through Evenbrite once again for the rooftop pool party at the W. It had rained on and off all day, so there weren’t a TON of people at the pool party. But, that made it feel like our own private pool, which I had no complaints about! All in all, we had a great time.

Swimwear THE W

We ended the night by going home, having some drinks back at the house with some friends, and a night out on the town. I was so sad that the weekend was over because I had such a great time! This trip definitely taught me that I need to continue being Type A and planning trips ahead of time, because we all know it’s hard for me to go with the flow. The trip wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Amorkor pretty much planning every detail from the rental car, AirBnB, activities, and so on. Out of all the trips I’ve done, this one was definitely on my Top 3 List. In my opinion, a good trip consists of the people, atmosphere, activities, and overall positive vibes – this trip had it all!

Can’t wait for my next trip!


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