In Cancun, I Wear White

Cancun ME Cancun Ray Ban Target Cancun Island Sand Clear Blue Skies Asos Water Target Style

Photos By: Jacqueline Ratier | Location: ME Cancun, Mexico

Bathing Suit Top: Target | Bathing Suit Bottoms: Asos (no longer sold online) similar; Shopbop, Farfetch, J. Crew | Body Chain: Asos


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Cancun was ammmmmaaaazzzinnnnggg! I know I am so late with all of this, but I will do a full review of the trip later this week. I’ve been crazy busy wrapping up things at work and getting ready for this move. Oh yeah, I’ve accepted a men’s styling job at a company called Trunk Club in New York. I am super nervous but excited at the same time. It will be challenging, fun, and totally insane (and expensive). We will talk more about that this week though, back to the bathing suit.

I know summer is over, but vacation season is year round. I love white on dark skin, I think it provides a nice pop! I am really picky when it comes to bathing suits and I must say, I love love love Asos! They have so many types, kinds, shapes, and colors of suits to choose from at a variety of price points. I unfortunately won’t be attending anymore extravagant trips for a while since I’m moving to the most expensive city in this country. BUT, only for a short while, don’t you worry.

Can’t wait to catch up with you all this week! I’ll be spilling all the tea of my move, new job, and exploring life with my new job in the big apple!


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