Today is my birthday, yay! I had an eventful weekend with some of my closest friends in both St. Louis and Chicago. What better way to start my birthday weekend than getting my nails done? And I must admit, all my sorority sisters STAY with their nails done, so I couldn’t hang with them without fitting the part. Oh, and when my girlfriends and I get our nails done, we ALWAYS bring the wine. Thank you Tracey for the adorable wine tumbler, it was just what I needed!


After nails, I rushed home to get ready for dinner. For those that know me, you know I am always late. I’m late because I always want to make sure I look perfect and have everything I need. I think that’s more important than being on time, ha! JK, I am on time most of the time (wink wink). Plus, my friends are awesome and didn’t mind (because they know how I roll). I booked a reservation for us at Scape in Central West End. I LOVED it, so amazing. Everything was so fresh and tasty.


This drink was amazing, yum! AND this scallop dish was to DIE. Seafood is my favorite, so I was honestly in heaven.

scape stl

Me and the girls! So thankful to have these wonderful ladies in my life!

IMG_3299 IMG_3300 IMG_3302

I spent the second day of my birthday celebration in Chicago with my sorority sisters celebrating our 2nd Anniversary. In case you missed it in my previous posts, I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and crossed through the Delta Beta chapter in Spring of 2013. When I got there, Mariah picked me up from the Amtrak station and we hung out a little before dinner. Everyone met at Ron of Japan in downtown Chicago for dinner. It’s a Japanese restaurant with hibachi grills and yummy drinks.  It was so much fun catching up with everyone and spending time together.


After dinner we went back to Mariah’s to freshen up then headed to the bar where our celebration was held. As seen below, Yohana and I were on the same page with the stripes.


My pledge family 


The main reason I was in Chicago was because of these beautiful ladies. I’ve been through so much with them and when we link up, it’s a party. When Delta Beta gets together, I literally laugh so hard my stomach hurts, it’s ridiculous.


Huge shout out to my best friend, Lauren for the birthday flowers! They are absolutely gorgeous!


And finally, my actual birthday! I feel like when it’s your birthday, you need to wake up feeling great and even better, dressing great. I pulled out my favorite green dress, white blazer, and pink shoes. The best part was that I arrived to work where my co workers had decorations and brought in some my favorite foods! I had always wanted to try Strange Donuts, so I couldn’t wait to dig in.


 I know Edible Arrangements are known for being expensive, but they’re totally worth it! It was seriously some of the freshest fruit I’ve ever had. Thanks, Mom & Dad!


I ended my birthday weekend by enjoying dinner with my mom and dad at Bailey’s Range in downtown St. Louis. For those that know me, they know that I LOVE a good burger. I am a tough critic but it was definitely good. I think my favorite part was the fun and homemade dipping sauces along with the boozy shakes, yum!


Overall, I am REALLY excited about this next chapter in life. As each year passes, I see myself transform into the woman I want to be and I continue to learn about life and myself. One of my life mottos is to always do what makes you happy and to live everyday like it’s your last. I appreciate all the birthday wishes and love – THANK YOU!


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