Let’s Go Thrift Shopping

thrift shopping Pitaya Pitaya pants Avalon Exchange The Loop Happy Delmar Loop Saint Louis, MO Nelly The Delmar Loop Thrift Store

Photos By: Kirsten Krause | Location: Delmar Loop

Shoes: Converse |  Jeans: Pitaya | Top: A’gaci (old) similar; A’gaci, Urban Outfitters | Purse: Estate Sale similar; NordstromTarget, Rebecca Minkoff | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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So my good friend Kirsten just moved into a new place with her fiancé and told me she had a ton of stuff she needed to get rid of. I suggested seeing if we could sell a few items before donating everything to charity. So, off to Avalon Exchange we went! I love donating my clothes but I am not opposed to making a little extra cash selling the good items. We came ten minutes before they stopped taking items so they went through everything pretty quick (aka we will be going back when they have more time to sift through everything). While they did that, Kirsten and I walked around and caught up (really she just took a ton of photos of me while I talked her ear off – love her). We didn’t sell as much as we hoped, but no worries because we will definitely be back to try again – some money is better than no money! Regardless, my previous posts obviously shows I love thrift shopping especially at Avalon!

I have to apologize because I feel like I haven’t been as consistent with my posts as I normally am but it’s because work has picked up (we are in our busy season) and it’s getting warm out, so that means tons of trips and vacations. More recently, I almost always post on Sunday’s but I decided to take this past Sunday off because it was Mother’s Day. I just really felt like spending time with my family was more important than sitting behind my computer and cell phone.

I hope you all had an excellent Mother’s Day with your loved ones, I know I did!


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