LYD – Little Yellow Dress

Wedding Season LuLu's A'Gaci Summer Spring Girl, what? Forest Park
Photos By: Lindsey Rowntree | Location: Worlds Fair Pavilion Forest Park

Dress: LuLu’s | Shoes: A’Gaci (old) similar; Nordstrom, Aldo, Macy’s, Sam Edelman | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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Did you think I was going to cover a whole spread of the wedding on my last blog post and not talk about what to wear? You know better.

When it comes to wedding attire, this is your time to shine. Why? Because it’s pretty much a photo shoot. Who shows up to a photo shoot looking crazy? I say that because everyone’s taking photos and most importantly, there are professional photographers following your every move! Some of the best, candid, professional photos happen at weddings, so it’s important to dress to impress (don’t upstage the bride though, that’s a no no).

I am by no means saying you can’t pull an old gem out from the closet, but it needs to be a strong, perfect, flawless, old gem (I’m pretending a piece of clothing is diamond if you didn’t catch my drift). I like to stay away from colors close to the overall wedding theme and wedding party. And we all know not to commit the cardinal sin of wearing white, ivory, cream, etc. This should be common sense but we all know common sense isn’t so common. Whatever you do, stay true to your style and make sure you’re  comfortable, because you’ll dance the night away for several hours.

I am obsessed with this dress, mainly because the back is amazing! It’s long enough to be appropriate for a classy wedding, yet sassy in the back to stand out from the masses. I actually own nothing yellow and it’s my moms favorite color, so she told me to buy it. Yes, I still do what my mother says (I still live under her roof so you understand my position). The reason I love LuLu’s so much is that they are well-priced, and fit true to size. If you order a medium, you will get a medium. You would be shocked by the trouble I have finding dresses and other items. With that being said, when I find a retailer or brand that fits me right, I am loyal forever.

Love is in the air, so go out there and make everyone love your outfit!


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