Old Navy Vests Are The BEST!

Vest Old Navy Chambray Shirt Jeans Abercrombie and Fitch Forest Park

Photos By: Adrienne Jones | Location: Forest Park

Shoes: Converse | Boyfriend Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch similar; Madewell, Asos, 7 For All Mankind | Vest: Old Navy | Shirt: Old Navy similar; J. Crew, Land’s End, L.L. Bean | Watch: Fossil


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Today is my first day of work and my oh my did it take a lot to get to this point. Everyone assumes getting a job in New York can’t be that hard, right? You’re wrong. I had recruiters and others literally tell me it would be near impossible to get a job in NYC because I don’t live here and don’t have any experience in fashion. They were right when they said I didn’t have any experience in fashion and didn’t live in NYC, but that didn’t stop me. There are so many things about New York and this process that people never tell you, it’s crazy! Like paying over $2,000 in real-estate broker fees, yes. I will get to that once I do my apartment tour.

I just want to give little snippets of everything happening in my life each blog post, but promise to keep it brief. Also because I don’t have wifi in my apartment yet and I feel like Starbucks is ready to kick me out (they keep looking at me).

Just to touch on this outfit, since that’s more than likely why you’re here. This vest is life. I love Old Navy and their vests, but you have to grab them while they are hot. If you don’t, they are gone…almost forever it feels.  I am not sure how warm this piece is yet considering I took these photos in 80 degree weather, but I’ll let you know.

But, today was my first day of work, and I am tried and hungry (just being real). It’s almost 9pm EST here in NYC and I still need to take the subway home and finish up some work before another big day tomorrow. Thanks for following along in this crazy journey I call life!


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