The Time is WRIGHT!

Brace yourselves, this is a long one! But really, I know you all wanted a play-by-play of a McCarter wedding anyway, so take notes. As if Libby’s wedding wasn’t amazing, Kat’s was absolutely gorgeous as well! Libby is my best friend since sixth grade and Kat is her cool older sister (telling you this because I shouldn’t assume you know my life).

The reality is, I won’t get married anytime soon. With that being said, I find it important to take notes on others weddings. So by the time I get married in ten years, it will be perfect by then, right?

Kat and Tony have dated for around 12 years, so this was literally one of the most anticipated moments in everyone’s lives. I won’t lie, when I saw the beautiful invitation come in the mail, I did a happy dance because I made the cut (didn’t even know I was in the running). Any who, Lindsey (Libby’s sorority sister from Denver University) stayed with me all weekend, which was super exciting! We stopped by the McCarter residence Friday evening to mingle before the wedding was to happen Saturday evening.


Right when we walked into the wedding venue, we were offered champagne (I like to call it ‘champs’). For me, that definitely set the tone that this was 100% going to be a full-fledged McCarter function (that means I knew guests would be well taken care of from every aspect all night).


It was great seeing Kat and Tony’s dog Walker, isn’t he cute? And if you couldn’t tell, this is a cardboard cut out.  The only reason I figured that out was because Walker normally attacks me with love, but not today.

Walker Texas Ranger

One of my favorite parts of this entire wedding was the small customized touches on EVERYTHING! Are you ready, because the fun starts…NOW!

Wright is the perfect last name for funny and cute little statements on napkins, as you will see below.

Tony Wright

(I stole the photo below from the designers Instagram, so here’s her credit: Lauren Burns).Wright now!Drink

As if the napkins weren’t enough, I almost died when I saw the chairs. I hope they keep some of them, don’t know where they would put them, but they’re adorable!

Kat and Tony

That awkward moment when you thought I was done, but it’s still going. These gorgeous custom water colored W paintings were on every bar. Every bar, you ask? Yes, every bar because there were four. So if you were thirsty, that was your own fault because there were literally drinks everywhere (he didn’t want to be in the photo, but I made him).


Finally, the chair of all chairs. I mean, what more do you want people?

Mrs. Always RightPhoto Cred: Exclusive Events

Finally after taking in the pure beauty of everything, it was time to sit down for the ceremony. The programs were so cute and I loved that they were on fans, God knows we needed them. St. Louis is extremely hot and humid in the summer for those who aren’t aware.


Dudley (the best dad ever) walked Kat down the aisle to say “I do” to the man of her dreams. Don’t they look great?

Dudley McCarter

You’ll have the search the #feelssowright hashtag for more photos, especially of the bridesmaids. They wore three different colors of pink/purple with different styles of long dresses. The ten of them looked amazing (yes, ten. Kat has a ton of friends)!


It was a pretty quick ceremony, but that’s how everyone likes it now-a-days. No need to spend an hour at the altar, we know why they’re here.


After Kat said yes to spending the rest of her life with Tony, cocktail hour ensued. I took that time to take some photos and walk around a bit mingling with old friends, teachers, and coaches!

Exclusive EventsPhoto Cred: Exclusive Events

Exclusive EventsPhotos By: Exclusive Events

The dance floor:

Exclusive EventsPhotos By: Exclusive Events

During the reception, Kat and Tony cut the cake. This is one of the first times I actually remembered to eat the cake, and man was it good. I think it was poppy-seed or something of that nature, not sure.

Wedding Cake

Lemon drop shots? Yes, please!

Kat and her parents both went to the University of Missouri – Columbia, so of course Mizzou had to be represented, somewhere!

Lemon Drop ShotsLuLu's

World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park is the perfect place for a St. Louis wedding!

World's Fair PavilionSeating Arrangements

Finally, it was time to sit down for some dinner. I loved the table settings, but that’s because I love pink and green (obviously).

Isn’t the head table gorgeous? Really loving the bright-colored theme they went with. I found it to be unique and different from anything I’ve ever seen (because I’ve been to so many weddings – I’m being sarcastic).

Head TablePlace Settings

What was on the menu, you ask? Details listed below. And no need to ask how the food was, because it was great!

Good Eats

1st Course:First Course

2nd Course:Second Course

3rd course not pictured due to me dancing and eating at the same time. I only have so many hands, guys. But, it was amazing!

I finally got a photo with the beautiful bride! She was so happy and the entire wedding party honestly looked phenomenal. I’m mad I didn’t get a photo of her mother and mother in-law because they looked like models, it was insane.

Kat McCarter

We ended the night in total celebration, dancing for hours and enjoying everyone’s company. Yes, I wore flip flops because those six inch wedges became too much. Besides, they were provided for all the women in the bathroom, so I wasn’t alone.


I didn’t expect anything less from Kat and Tony’s wedding. Everyone had a great time and it was beautifully put together. I wish them many years of happiness and love! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them, I know it will be great. I’m so blessed and happy to have them in my life and to see their relationship grow over the years.

Cheers to the Wright’s!


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  1. Oh viv!! This is amazing, I am reading this at work with tears in my eyes! Your summation of the ceremony and reception were perfect and I love how all the fun things came across! Love you! Sorry our pic is gross, my darn light eyes get all red! Thank you for being there and supporting us all these years! I will have more pictures for you soon! xoxo

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